RofASSS rapidly publishes comments in a citable format without fees or a paywall – it aims to promote academic discussion on all aspects of social simulation

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What RofASSS Publishes

Suitable material includes (but is not limited to):

  • A summary/review of a model or paper
  • An idea you have had
  • A question you would like the community to answer
  • An issue you want to bring to the attention of others

Items that have an established home elsewhere (mature papers, book reviews, conference/job announcements or simulations) should be submitted there.  For more information about submission and ideas for things to submit, see the submission page.

Advantages of Submitting to RofASSS

  • Rapid publication – submissions often get published within 48 hours
  • Wide dissemination – over 1000 readers are subscribed to RofASSS content via a variety of methods (see above)
  • Citable – contributions are in a format that can be (and are) cited in other people’s papers (for examples see here)
  • Early dissemination – suitable for getting out an idea or issue without having to write a full paper about it, so (a) there is dated proof that the idea was yours and (b) to get feedback and discussion
  • Wide range of kinds of contribution – as long as it is relevant to social simulation and promotes debate, the content can be a wide range of things: a summary of a paper, a response to a paper you have read, an interview, a question you would like answered, a challenge to others, an issue that needs raising, a report or comment from a conference,  etc.
  • Open Access – anyone with a browser can read contributions, there is no paywall
  • Permanency – we are in the process of archiving pdf versions of contributions to CERN’s Zenodo archive, so they will persist even if this website eventually closes
  • Free – we do not ask for fees of any kind; RofASSS is produced by the effort of those involved

For more about RofASSS see the About page.

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