Review and Publishing Process

We aim for a light-touch review process, aimed at rapid publication whist keeping the discussion relevant (no SPAM), polite (conducive to debate), and legal (no libel, obscenity or copyright infringement). RofASSS is conceived as similar to a post-publication review process so that comments upon the goodness or substance of contributions is open – to be made as part of the public debate, rather than hidden as part of a review process.

The process will go as follows:

  • RofASSS will accept submissions via a web-form or email with the following information: title, author, e-mail (for administrative purposes), type of submission, suggested keywords, the URL/DOI of what it comments on, and the actual content.
  • The editor will desk-accept anything obviously suitable for RofASSS and immediately move to publish this. This can often mean that the contribution appears within 48 hours of submission.
  • If the editor has any doubt as to the suitability of the submission or the authors are involved in the running of RofASSS they will send it to two relevant members of the editorial board for assessment.
  • These editorial board members will either simply accept the item or reply with a reason for rejection. If opinion is split it will be sent to a third reviewer.
  • If rejected, reasons for rejection will be communicated to the submitter.
  • Suitable meta-data would be added to accepted items to track the type, keywords, discussion chain, and author.
  • The elements of the item would undergo minimal formatting and correction (e.g. spelling, typos etc.), including the addition of a suggested citation.
  • The item would be published to: the website, the RSS feeds, twitter feed, facebook page and email subscribers.
  • A static pdf version with a DOI will be archived at Zenodo but this version will not have any comments or be linked via tags to related contributions.

For discussion about social simulation research