RofASSS does not intend to duplicate the content of other sites. So full papers or book reviews should be directed towards a suitable journal (e.g. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation or Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory); job or conference announcements to the relevant mailing list (e.g. SIMSOC); and simulation models to a suitable archive (e.g.

We envisage that the site will be composed of items that are (usually) shorter than a full paper.  Each published item is currently envisaged as being one or:

  • An original item relevant to social simulation. This could be, among others:
    • A suggestion for future study.
    • An academic stand-alone point that is too small for a journal article.
    • A question that the author wants answering (similar to Wikipedia’s “Notes and Queries”).
    • A suggested target for comment with reasons why it is important.
    • A summary of, or pointer to, recent developments in a related field (such as empirical human or environmental sciences, modelling techniques and technology, artificial intelligence, social robotics or serious games).
    • An interview with someone in the field
    • A short summary or analysis of an important publication not in English.
    • A comment upon the field as a whole (e.g. from an outsider)
    • Political or ethical issues relevant to social simulation
  • A comment upon:
    • Another item published on RofASSS.
    • A permanent relevant item on the web, for example: a news item, a journal article, a paper on a public journal archive or a model in a public archive like OpenABM. The criterion here will be the likely durability of the object to which the comment refers.

Although we are open to other kinds if they fit in with the general aims and spirit of the site.

To submit either fill in the form below. If your piece is complex with things like footnotes and pictures then email the same information to

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